What is Metaverse VR ?

“Metaverse VR” is a project that creates unique contents on Metaverse technology that is a huge trend around the world. Its aim is to move people to another dimension within the digital universe. With the sub projects it developed, Metaverse VR becomes a bridge between real world and Metaverse.
Metaverse VR creates its own ecosystem with software projects, Play To Earn games and NFT technology. Having this ecosystem, project budget will always be kept in the highest rank and paralel investments will be done.
Metaverse VR will continually install its projects in alliance with upcoming Metaverse technology. Having Virtual Reality technology is highly important within the project, NFT game projects will use this technology at its latest update.

What is our Target and Purpose ?

“Metaverse VR” project’s first and foremost aim is to give a transparent platform to its investors with the ecosystem and Metaverse sub projects it’s going to create. What is different from today’s Metaverse projects is that Metaverse VR is about creating unique games rather than classic game concepts and developing softwares that could help a person with daily needs integrated within the Metaverse game. With the fund sustained from the ecosystem, it will help the projects to reach out to masses.

What is MEVR Token ?

MEVR Token is the main token of Metaverse VR project. MEVR Token which was developed within BSC net, first came out in the Pancakeswap DEX and then got listed among other CEX. Evaluating the market convenience, targeting to be listed in the new central markets. MEVR Token will be the main payment method within all the projects and games that Metaverse VR project will develop. Token holders will have prior access to pre-sales of the new projects. Token holders will also win various merits from the ecosystem.

Our Vision

We believe that this world is likely sum of simulations. Thus, gamifying the real life as much as we can will make our living experiences richer than ever.
By bringing the capabilities of software development into Metaverse vision and building a NFT ecosystem on top of it will make our lives more interactable and thus create a better meaning of communication.
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